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About Company

Lower your staffing costs, not your dreams! If you’re a growing business, you’re likely bearing the brunt of the staffing shortages. You’re trapped in a quandary: you can’t afford to match the exorbitant salary demands of office workers, but you need to hire to operate and expand. We believe that South Africa is the ideal place to hire virtual employees due to the combination of three factors: a high unemployment rate, high tertiary education levels, and superior native spoken and written English communication skills. However, for virtual remote staffing to be worthwhile, and sustainable, you need on-the-ground management and robust oversight. Without that, your remote staff ends up being more headache than they’re worth. That’s why we’re not a broker or recruitment company outsourcing solution. We’re your complete remote back office, where employees become integral, reliable members of your team, helping you carry out your operational needs at the highest level. Our unique value is built on two core pillars: ● Who we hire. We don’t match you up with existing agents. Instead, we recruit exclusively for your job, ensuring your employees have the ideal skills and experience. We use a rigorous multi-step screening and filtering process that includes in-person interviews, skills tests, and aptitude assessments. And, once we’ve shortlisted the top candidates, you hold interviews. You always have the final say in who joins your team. How we manage. We’re not only dedicated to recruiting the top talent for your needs. We’re just as dedicated to strong oversight to ensure they’re meeting targets and achieving their goals. All our staff work from our central office, under the keen supervision of our astute management team that ensures they’re hitting their KPIs at the standards you require. You get the flexibility to grow your business as fast as you need, without any of the exorbitant payroll costs & management hassles that you’d encounter if you hired locally.