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About Company

Metasoft Systems Inc. is an award winning technology company established in 1988 as a software development consulting company.

Today, Metasoft employs a diverse and talented team on three continents through two award winning and synergistic businesses that provide the essential elements for non-profit organisations to survive and thrive.

These are:

Funding Services

FoundationSearch, which provides market-leading funding information, fundraising education and consulting services to a growing list of over 5,000 clients


Technology Services

Silkstart is a leader in providing cost efficient enterprise software to non-profits and associations including web design and development, donor management and communications, electronic donation processing, content management human resource recruiting and much more.

At Metasoft, our mission is to help you succeed in your mission.



FoundationSearch provides North America's leading source of funding information for non-profits and charities. Our online resource includes more than 190,000 foundations, representing billions of dollars in annual granting, and includes tools to locate grants by type, value, year, recipient, donor and historical giving trends, and much more. Along with BIG Online, FoundationSearch is a key resource for the non-profit sector, and an integral part of Metasoft's mission to help non-profits efficiently identify, attract, and manage the relationships and resources vital to the fulfillment of their philanthropic missions.



SilkStart is a leading provider of non-profit and association management software.

We enable trade, professional, educational, charitable, and cause-specific associations and non-profits to realize the benefits of modern cloud-based architecture and mobile applications, without compromising industry-specific functionality.

With SilkStart, non-profits and associations don't need to piece together several applications. Instead, SilkStart creates a seamless integration between all components of your software needs in one platform. Say goodbye to servers, downloads, hidden fees, and unnecessary costs. With SilkStart, you always have the latest version, operating costs are low and predictable, and the user experience is superior.